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Connecting investors and corporations with intelligent targeting and primary research


Intro-Blue combines an artificial intelligence (AI) platform with an independent primary research platform to prepare investors and corporates for productive meetings: the right people focused on the right questions.


Intro-Blue combines machine learning and industry/domain expertise to insure both corporates and investors optimize the ROI of each access events.


Intro-act offers a single platform that integrates investor-to-corporate targeting (compatibility), meeting procurement, as well as meeting preparation services.


Blueshift Research

Blueshift Research enables corporates and investors to formulate, investigate and answer the investment questions that matter most.



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    Matches corporate executives with institutional investors most likely to buy or sell their stock in the next 90 days.

    Investor Targeting

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    Win real-time access to the replies from every investor marketing campaign and standardize the data, regardless of sponsoring broker.

    Meeting Procurement

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    Both investors and corporate executives win superior preparation because of centralized access to critical materials including video, models, commissioned research, and agenda materials.

    Meeting Preparation

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    Independent Research Providers gain insights into the customers (institutional investor and corporate) that are most likely to pay for specific expertise.

    Lead Generation

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    Intro-Blue’s machine learning solution is not a black-box. Rather, customers gain the insights into the data behind every prediction.

    Customer Insight

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    Adaptive intelligence enables better content targeting, and transparency of usage to content owners enables superior lead generation.

    Usage Analytics

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    Largely focused on predicting institutional flows – specifically, the buyers and sellers of each security, we help institutional investors and brokers identify likely sources of liquidity.

    Alpha Investment Signals

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    Proprietary pattern mining process considers three areas for unique information: quality, quantity and independence of each piece of data. Highlighting data and its independence can give clients an information advantage.

    Primary Research

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    With a database of ~4,000 independent research and data providers, Intro-act can help investors and corporates source intelligence efficiently and effectively.

    Expert Access

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